Which Ubuntu on Mac Mini 4,1

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Ubuntu on MacBook- Installation

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Reboot after power failure for Mac running Ubuntu (server) - Server Fault

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And after searching online, I realized that the default Ubuntu video driver should be good enough. In my case,. There are a lot of guides to add a custom screen resolution to Ubuntu. Some people recommend to use command cvt to calculate the custom Modeline, however, the calculation may be wrong without -r option for LCD screens.

In addition to the cvt command, we also need to double check whether the system already receives the correct EDID from the monitor.

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The easiest way is to search the Xorg logs in Ubuntu Seems like the x modeline is already detected. After searching the error message online, I found this article - How to use high 4K resolutions with older hardware. The workaround is to generate customized modline with lower refresh rates EDID only advertise recommended refresh rates.